Are Moringa Products in Pakistan a Good Source of Milk Protein?

Moringa Products in Pakistan

For providing a long list of health benefits, the Oleifera leaf is nicknamed a “miracle tree”. It is loaded with key nutrients including but not limited to vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants, which promote health. 

In this blog, you will find the importance of protein, its sources, moringa products in Pakistan, and the particulars about what makes milk a perfect substitute.

Importance of Protein for the Human Body 

Proteins are macronutrients that build and repair tissues. They regulate the production of enzymes and hormones that support overall body functions. Inadequate levels can hamper normal muscular development. Your immune system weakens. Your skin loses its luster. Hair becomes thin, brittle, and dry. Without adequate nutrients, thus your body stops functioning properly. 

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a research study detailing the effects of low protein levels on the human body. Dropped levels can cause protein-energy malnutrition (PEM). 

In this condition, your development may diminish and as a result, you have to bear muscular pain. Your immune system also weakens and your wounds take longer than usual to heal. 

In such an agony, you won’t be all alone. The possibility lies that if your child is low on nutrients, being a guardian, you must be vigilant about the potential risk he/she might lie close to. Speaking of stunted growth. For now, even if your child is enjoying normal growth, the probability is that his/her growth will soon stunt.

You need to know that stunted growth does not simply mean shorter height. The problem has more dimensions for your child’s body to go on. One amongst others is delayed cognitive development that impacts learning abilities, memory, and normal brain functioning. A compromised immune system also makes your child susceptible to infections and chronic diseases.

What can save your child’s health?

Adding oleifera to your child’s diet can help avoid this condition. However, because of its earthy, grassy, and astringent taste, spooning kids with such a diet is not exactly a walk in the park. Do not worry as you can sneak it into their meals in plenty of creative ways. 

Sprinkling powder onto chopped fruits or into fruit smoothies, for example. Mixing the powder into muffin batter or blending it into yogurt with a bit of maple syrup could be a more palatable option.

Primary source of protein & its substitute

Milk is jam-packed with essential proteids. Research studies claim that the presence of amino acids helps improve body functions. People with poor muscular health, that is why, are more often recommended to consume a glass of milk every day at least. 

Vegetarians, on the other hand, are more likely to experience associated complications. The green leaves have proved to be an effective remedy to avoid this condition.  

What does the research say?

Moringa oleifera leaves have long been studied for their nutritional value and dietary importance. 

“Within green leaves are high levels of proteids as compared to typical energy sources”

(Journal of Food Science and Technology)

“In the nutritional profile of moringa capsules, amino acid tops the list. These nutrients including lysine, leucine, and phenylalanine, being a building block for protein synthesis, are the strong rivals of milk nutrients” 

(International Journal of Plant Sciences) 

Uses of Moringa Powder in Pakistan

This superfood is caloric enough to nourish your body in the following ways:

1. No more fatigue

Antioxidant and iron-rich, organic oil reduces oxidative stress and increases oxygen transport, which reduces fatigue. Consider it as a wholesome substitute for energy drinks. Even a small intake can make you feel super energetic throughout the day.

2. Help to have a lustrous skin

Drumstick (aka oleifera ) supplies a handful of vitamins A and E to the skin. Which helps you regain your lost luster. Add the powdered form to your facemask and apply it every week. It can slow down skin aging and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Fight diseases

The elevated concentration of Vitamin C in leaves increases white blood cellular production. White cells are essential for fighting off pathogens. When pathogens are fought off, the body is protected against recurrent bouts of viral infections and chronic diseases.

4. Supercharge gut health

Fiber promotes digestion. Normal digestion means no comeback of constipation. A hale digestive system absorbs nutrients properly which keeps your health up.

5. Shed Extra Pounds

The high fiber content in capsules makes your empty stomach feel full. Because of which, you experience fewer hunger pangs or cravings. You can avoid overeating and control your calorie intake. Incorporating Oleifera capsules in daily intake can help you shed your extra fats.

Shop high-caloric, budget-friendly, best organic moringa capsules for weight loss at Eshi Organics.

7. Reduces Inflammation

The green powder has anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of flavonoids, isothiocyanates, and phenolic acids. It can help reduce inflammation and associated pain in conditions like arthritis. Isothiocyanates and phenolic acids are best known for providing anti-inflammatory properties. These flavonoids in Sohanjan (another name for Oleifera in Pakistan) reduce the inflammatory symptoms associated with arthritis.

8. Blood Sugar Regulation

Several studies have uncovered the fact that the intake of leafy powder helps regulate blood sugar. The anti-diabetic properties prevent the diabetic body from spikes and crashes.

Buy the best moringa products in Pakistan

Moringa in Pakistan is available in various forms, including but not limited to powder, tablets, oil, leaf extract, and seed.  Though less common, roots and bark are used in traditional medicine.

While choosing your preferred form, always try to go through its ‘nutritional label’ first to find out how much nutrients it would provide you with. 

Once skimmed through, choose wisely. Not all readily available products are organic and thus cannot provide desirable benefits.. News about counterfeit goods has been echoing out from the market. Notwithstanding, get 100% gluten-free products. Eshi Organics has been a market player and is known for providing everyone with high-caloric, organic nutritious herbs. 

You can enjoy the freshest leaves that are handpicked from organic farms to ensure that only the premium quality makes it to your home. Visit Eshi Organics to explore the different forms in which moringa products are available. Choose your super nutritional supplement and enjoy a healthy life!

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