Trichomoniasis Treatment Online & Care Guide for Rapid Recovery

Trichomoniasis Treatment Online

Trichomoniasis, scientifically also truncated as trich, is a sexually transmitted infection (STI ) caused by Trichomonas vaginalis parasite. The CDC estimates that 3.7 million Americans are living with trichomoniasis at any point in time. This infection is commonly occurring, however, it is easily curable likewise.

This blog discusses trichomoniasis treatment online; its symptoms, causes, risk factors, complications, prevention & diagnosis in detail. 

Symptoms in Males & Females

Symptomatic trichomoniasis shows up differently in both genders. In females, it is accompanied by vaginal itching, a frothy yellow-green pungent discharge, painful urination, and pain during sexual intercourse. Whereas, males experience penile irritation, discharge, and burning after urination or ejaculation. The parasite typically infects the lower genital tract in women and the urethra in men.

Risk Factors & Complications 

If you have multiple sexual partners or a history of other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and the inconsistent use of condoms, then you are likely to be infected. 

Gender-wise, women are more likely to be infected than men. The infection is more common in older women than in younger ones.

If left untreated, trich can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which can result in infertility or ectopic pregnancy. If you’re pregnant and contract an infection, then there is a dire need to seek medical attention as the infection can lead to preterm delivery and low birth weight. 

In men, the complications can occur in the form of prostatitis and epididymitis.

What should you avoid if you have trichomoniasis?

Since the STI is highly contagious, you must take it seriously. In case you are not able to manage it properly, you may have to have some severe health complications. 

Down below are ten care instructions you must practice to avoid prolonged suffering and reinfection chances. 

  1. Avoid unprotected sex: 

As with unprotected sex, your partner is at a higher stake of contracting the infection. Always use condoms to avoid infection spread. Besides, get regular STI screenings, especially if you have multiple partners. This proactive stance can be helpful in early detection and treatment.

  1. Do not have multiple partners: 

The more partners you have, the higher the chance of transmitting infection to healthy people. Sometimes, even the infected patients do not show any symptoms. And with no symptoms showing up, it becomes complicated for the doctors to give and for a patient to have the right treatment at the right time.

Therefore, for your well-being and that of others, try to limit the number of sexual partners. And be honest with your partner about your sexual health status. 

In case, the recovery takes longer than expected and if more often you have to visit your doctor, then get a trich treatment online for a rapid recovery.

  1. Avoid sexual activity until recovery: 

Even if your symptoms improve, but the infection persists, do not engage in sexual intercourse until fully recovered. By so doing, not only you can reduce the possibility of passing it back and forth. But you can also ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. 

  1. Do not ignore symptoms: 

If you experience symptoms like itching, burning,  or especially unusual discharge during urination, do not ignore these symptoms. Avoid rushing to the doctor. Rather, have a prompt trichomoniasis medication online. Know that early detection can help you have an early treatment, which in turn accelerates the recovery process. 

In case you do not treat trich, the risk of other chronic infections, especially HIV increases. Even if you are asymptomatic, go for regular screenings. So doing can help you safeguard your well-being and that of those you are intimate with. 

  1. Do not consume alcohol: 

If you regularly drink alcohol, then abstain from taking it during your treatment. If you are prescribed antibiotics like metronidazole or tinidazole, the ingredients present in alcohol can antagonize with those present in medication and result in some severe side effects including but not limited to nausea, vomiting, headaches, and flip-flopping heartbeat. 

A universal truth, alcohol can also weaken your immune system and make it harder for your body to fight off infection. Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages, go for healthy drink choices like mineral water, fruit or vegetable juices, or milkshakes. 

  1. Say no to douching: 

Douching is potential enough to disrupt the natural balance of vaginal bacteria. This activity can also cause chronic inflammation, which makes it more difficult for your body to fight off the infection. While douching, the chances of pushing the infection up into the reproductive tract increase. And so does the extent of complications. Instead, using a mild soap and water could be quite helpful in maintaining your reproductive hygiene. 

  1. Never have a self-medication: 

Self-medicating for any health issue including trich is never prescribed. as it could be ineffective and dangerous. The wrong treatment can make you develop resistance to the antibiotics, thus making it harder for a medical practitioner to treat and help you recover. 

That’s completely understandable that with tich, it becomes really difficult to sit and travel for a longer period. Therefore, you can get trich treatment online by consulting US-verified doctors at Alphacare. By consulting an expert caregiver, you can even ask for a trichomoniasis prescription online and get yourself treated under your roof.  

How is online treatment for trichomoniasis possible?

If you prefer to go for Trichomoniasis treatment online and are wondering how that’s possible, let us have you have a look at how your doctor would carry out your treatment:

  1. The doctor will begin an online consultation by asking for your medical history and the infection symptoms. 
  2. Once the condition is evaluated based on the information provided, if trich is suspected, you are recommended to undergo a test. Through Alphacare, you can even book lab testing services. Whichever laboratory you choose, if they provide a home sampling facility, they will come over to you to collect samples. You will have to visit them either way. 
  3. Once the results are analyzed and evaluated, your reports will be shared with you and your doctor.  
  4. After reviewing the findings, the doctor confirmed the diagnosis. 
  5. Once confirmed, you will have a prescription for the required antibiotics. Your treatment plan incl. dosage instructions or necessary precautions would also be added to your prescription. 


  1. Which fruit naturally kills trichomoniasis?

Pomegranate (Punica granatum), a red flavorsome fruit is universally known to have packed with medicinal properties. One research study, conducted in 2011, found that extracts of Punica are potent enough to kill the trich-causing parasites. 

  1. Is it possible to get trichomoniasis medication online?

Yes. With telemedicine gaining more popularity, you can easily get trichomoniasis medication online. 24/7 support like that provided by Alphacare is in place for you.

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