Top 10 Place To Celebrate Haryali Teej in India

Haryali Teej is a traditional festival celebrated primarily in Northern India. If you are also looking to celebrate this beautiful monsoon festival check out these top 10 place listed by an Agra same day tour services provider –

10 Place To Celebrate Haryali Teej

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Known for its grand celebrations, including processions and cultural performances.

It celebrates Haryali Teej with grand enthusiasm.

The city hosts colorful processions featuring decorated elephants, camels, and horses.

Women dress in vibrant traditional attire and participate in singing and dancing.

The streets are filled with people enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Local markets sell special sweets and traditional items.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Offers a royal celebration with traditional music, dance, and fairs.

It is a wonderful place to celebrate Haryali Teej.

The city is famous for its royal celebrations. People enjoy traditional music and dance.

There are also colorful fairs where you can see beautiful handicrafts and taste delicious local food.

The celebrations often take place near the city’s stunning lakes and palaces adding to the festive atmosphere.

This makes Udaipur a perfect destination to experience the joy and culture of Haryali Teej.


Various cultural events and traditional fairs mark the celebration in the capital city.

It is celebrated with various cultural events and traditional fairs.

People gather to enjoy folk music, dance performances, and beautiful decorations.

Women dress in green clothes, wear bangles, and sing traditional songs.

Swings decorated with flowers are set up in parks and gardens.

The festival brings joy and a sense of community, as families and friends come together to celebrate this special day.

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Known for vibrant festivities, including singing, dancing, and swings decorated with flowers.

It is celebrated with a lot of excitement.

People decorate swings with flowers and hang them on trees.

Women wear green clothes, sing traditional songs, and dance.

There are fairs where you can buy sweets, bangles, and traditional dresses.

The city becomes very colorful and lively with everyone enjoying the festival.

It is a great time for families to come together and celebrate with joy.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Traditional rituals and cultural programs are the highlights here.

It is celebrated with traditional rituals and cultural programs.

People take part in special prayers, and temples are decorated beautifully.

Women dress in green, sing folk songs, and swing on decorated swings.

The city comes alive with music, dance, and festive activities.

Varanasi’s rich cultural heritage adds to the charm, making the celebration special and joyful for everyone involved.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Celebrations include traditional dance and music performances, along with fairs.

It is celebrated with joy and excitement.

People enjoy traditional dance and music performances, creating a festive atmosphere.

There are also fairs where families gather to have fun.

The celebration reflects the city’s rich cultural heritage and brings the community together.

Women dress in beautiful green clothes and enjoy swinging on decorated swings, making it a colorful and lively event.

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Known for its traditional rituals and cultural heritage associated with the festival.

It is celebrated with traditional rituals and cultural events.

People gather to pray, sing, and dance.

They decorate swings with flowers and enjoy special sweets.

The festival is closely tied to the area’s cultural heritage, making it a special time for families to come together and celebrate their traditions.

The celebrations in Mathura are colorful and joyful, reflecting the spirit of this important festival.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Celebrations often include community gatherings and cultural events.

It is celebrated with community gatherings and cultural events.

People come together to enjoy traditional music, dance, and delicious food.

Women dress in green clothes and decorate swings with flowers.

The festival is a joyful time for everyone, filled with happiness and fun activities.

Agra’s rich cultural heritage adds a special charm to the celebrations, making it a memorable experience for all who participate.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Known for its lively festivities, including fairs and traditional performances.

It is celebrated with a lot of excitement.

People come together for lively festivities that include fairs and traditional performances.

These fairs have various stalls with food, clothes, and toys place.

Traditional music and dance add to the joyful atmosphere.

Everyone, from children to adults, takes part in the celebrations, making it a vibrant and fun experience for all.

Indore’s community spirit shines brightly during Haryali Teej.

Patiala, Punjab

Celebrated with great enthusiasm, featuring traditional Punjabi music and dance.

It is celebrated with lots of joy and tradition.

People gather together to enjoy Punjabi music and dance.

There are colorful processions and fairs where you can buy traditional clothes and food.

Families often come together to swing on decorated swings.

It’s a time when everyone wears colorful clothes and enjoys the festive atmosphere.

People also perform rituals to celebrate the monsoon season and the blessings of Teej.

It’s a lively and cheerful celebration in Patiala.

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