4 Benefits of Robotic Filling in Custom Packaging

Advantages of Robotic Filling in Packaging

For many years, old traditional filling machines have dictated the manufacturing process of packaging. Then modular designs were introduced that offered more improvement in the packaging solutions.

We live in an information age where robots are used in various industries to keep their operations flexible and perfect. Robotic World allows you to easily shape the design of the packaging. It will keep the cost low and the production process at a higher level.

In the technological 3.0 breakthrough, a new revolution in the filling of packaging is introduced that is shaking industries with its capabilities. These are known as ROBOFILLERS.

This blog post will guide you through the complete concept of robots in the packaging industry.

Introducing the Robofiller in the Custom Packaging Industry

RoboFillers were first developed by Fillomatic Global, an industry. The Robofiller has a robotic arm that serves the purpose of filling liquids. This innovative concept has extraordinary capabilities. This includes the following capabilities:

Blazing-fast speeds

Have you ever experienced that an amount of 200 containers is filled within a minute? This is a powerful Robofiller for you. The construction of Robofiller includes 10 filling heads, which is able to speed up your production process and achieve a remarkable result.

The four pillars of Robofiller’s

Speeding up the production process is just one of the benefits we discussed. Robofillers are different from that, as they offer things like

Unmatched flexibility

These are way more flexible than those traditional single-purpose fillers. With a simple one-head, it transformed the filling system into a whole new flexible filling system. Robofillers offers the ability to switch products with ease and can change the shape of your custom packaging.

Cost-effective efficiency is a need nowadays.

Custom-built filters are very expensive. Leave those behind and go for a Robofiller, which can decrease the initial cost very low. It is a one-time investment of 50,000 dollars that opens a wide range of good possibilities.

Faster delivery and faster production

The modular designs shine on the retailer’s shelves or at delivery times. It is available for urgent needs. The system’s modularity helps in a quick customization process, and it can do your work in no time.

Compact design effects

Are you worried about the space? Here is your answer. The robot fillers give a strong punch, which compacts the material.

The X8 S8 version of the Robofiller measures 9.5 feet wide by 6.875 feet deep and high.

A complete eco-packaging 

FG Industries takes things a step further. Their plug-and-play robotic induction cap sealers and cappers seamlessly integrate with the Robofiller. It creates a complete packaging system called RoboSys.

This all-in-one solution is for a wide range of liquids, like food sauces, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and household chemicals.

The benefits of using Robofillers in personalized packaging

The following are some advantages of using robofillers:

Reduced Downtime

Quick changeovers translate to less time spent reconfiguring the system, maximizing your production time.

It functions as a quick change-over as it takes minimal time to reconfigure the system, which ultimately increases custom packaging production.


As your business grows, so can your packaging line. The Robofiller adapts to your evolving needs with ease.

Minimized Waste

Precise filling and efficient changeovers minimize product waste and can keep your operation cost-effective and environment-friendly.

Level up the brand image.

Customizable packaging allows you to create unique designs that resemble your target audience, thus helping to strengthen your brand identity.

The Power of a Powerful Logo

We’ve explored the incredible capabilities of the Robofiller, but there’s another crucial element that grows custom boxes to new heights. That is custom packaging with a logo.

A logo is a visual representation of your company’s essence, values, and personality. 

Placing it rightly on the package, it becomes a powerful marketing tool that:

  • Instantly tell customers who you are. The more they see it, the more it becomes a part of their memory.
  • It reflects professionalism and care, setting your product apart from generic options.
  • A consistent and high-quality logo design builds brand trust. 

Integrating your logo with the Robofiller Advantage

The beauty of custom packaging with the Robofiller is its flexibility. 

Here are some creative ways to achieve this:

Strategic logo placement

Experiment with logo placement. It could be prominently displayed on the front panel, subtly positioned on the side, or even incorporated into the overall design.

Color Coordination

Use your brand’s colors to create a cohesive look. The Robofiller allows you to explore different color options for the packaging material itself, complementing your logo for maximum impact.

A winning combination

The Robofillers are very efficient and flexible, and when they are combined with the rightly designed logo, it will strengthen your production process to the maximum and reduce the cost of manufacturing wholesale custom packaging with the logo. The logo will boost the recognition of your brand, and the efficient production will build the trust of consumers. Happy repeat customers!

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