Hiroshi Watanabe has come back to his first love, photography, and we are all fortunate observers of the reunion.

Watanabe moved to Los Angeles in 1975, soon after graduation from the Department of Photography, College of Art at Nihon University in Japan. Life had other immediate plans for him, however -- in Los Angeles he started working in the production of Japanese television commercials. Eventually, he formed his own company, producing more than 300 commercials for Japanese television.

In 1995 he rediscovered his passion for photography and has since traveled throughout the world practicing the art. "I am going places where I am interested and I photograph what intrigues me," he says. While his photography is done to please himself, he is getting increasing attention from others for his work.

He has been published in Commercial Photo and Camera (Mainichi) magazine in Japan; exhibited at Soho Photo Gallery, Los Angeles, and at California State University at Northridge. He has received awards from the Advertising Photographers Association in Japan, Los Angeles Times, Western Art Directors Club, London Photographic Awards, and the Advertising Photographers of America

In the past year, he has also received awards from the London Photographic Award and from the Advertising Photographers of America. Recently, he sold a full page image to the first issue of CIO Insight, a new magazine by Ziff Davis Media.

Watanabe is currently working on a project in Ecuador.



Hiroshi Watanabe can be reached via email at:

To see more of Watanabe's work, go to his Web site: www.hiroshiwatanabe.com