On the Margaree
Photo by Edwin DeMont

I took this photograph on an overcast autumn day during a weekend road trip to capture on print the beautiful meandering meadows which line the riverbank of the Margaree, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The man was fly-fishing for salmon, no doubt as mesmerized as I was by our picturesque surroundings.

Edwin can be reached via e-mail:

To see more of his photos, visit Edwin's website: http://iago.stfx.ca/people/edemont/welcome.html

© 1999 Edwin DeMont

The Kiss
photographs by Kathy Barbro

This is one of those times when something turns out because you weren't trying to do it. After a long day at a Strawberry Festival, my son Matthew and his girlfriend Isabel sat down to eat their ice cream bars. I saw that it was a cute setting and snapped away to finish my roll of 35mm film. Only when I got the pictures back did I realize that I had a great sequence. I like to think that it looks like a brilliant director set it up, but the truth is that it was just a very happy accident!

Kathy can be reached via email:

© 1999 Kathy Barbro

Photograph by John Faludi

Part of a mother's job is to be there when her daughter needs someone to lean on. It seems to be that way everywhere. This mother and daughter were watching dancers at the Danube Folklife Festival in Kolocs, Hungary.

John can be reached via email:

© 1999 John Faludi

photograph by Jojo Guingona

I took this photo while I was waiting for the museum to open last Spring. There was a considerable line and I asked my wife and daughter to queue while I walked around to shoot some photos. I was trying to find an interesting angle to catch the contrast between the old building and the pyramid. The pond and reflections were a pleasant addition.

This photo was taken on my recent trip to Europe. I shot with available light on Ilford Delta 100 film pushed half a stop. I shot these with my Nikon F5.

Jojo can be reached via e-mail:

To see more of Jojo's work, visit his website: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Study/9612/

© 1999 Jojo Guingona


Point Aux Barques
photograph by Keith G. Sadlocha

I am a photographer currently residing in the Great Lake State of Michigan. I'm forwarding along one of my favorite photos of a lighthouse in winter. The lighthouse is named Point Aux Barques. I think the frozen ice on the shoreline really captures the desolation of the terrain.

Keith can be reached via e-mail:

To see more of Keith's work, visit his website: http://www. lemacks.com

© 1999 Keith G. Sadlocha


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