Photo by Liz Terrian

This picture was taken in June of 1998, in Sevilla, Spain, Parque de Maria Luisa. I was touring through Spain with my high school Spanish club. This park was being used as a market place where tourists could come and bargain. I used my cheap 35mm point and shoot camera ( I couldn't afford anything better before the trip). Under noon light, no flash.

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© 1999 Liz Blankinship

Giverny After Monet
photograph by Cella

This photograph was taken in Monet's Gardens at Giverny on a day when it was open only to artists. What a glorious day it was! Painters, watercolorists, photographers, and videographers--about a dozen total--were all working and walking around in bliss. This is truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet, an artist's dream--especially one who specializes in impressionistic floral photography. I liked this painter's impression, and I love this photo's juxtaposition of art with reality. To me, this image exemplifies both the site and the day. It is impossible to experience Monet's Gardens without mindfulness of art.

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© 1999 Cella

Summer, 1983
Photograph by Didrik Johnck

I took this photograph of my brother in 1983 when I was eleven and he was eight. It was in the middle of a care free and humid New England summer and my grandfather was teaching me photography with his Pentax and the use of his basement printing studio. I have no idea the what the exposure was or the film I was using. I was just having fun lying underneath the basketball hoop, watching my younger brother make dunk after dunk, and just clicking away. A lot has happened between then and now, but I constantly look at this photo and am amazed that it exists.

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© 1999 Didrik Johnck

photograph by Rich Kern

While visiting Rome, Italy, I found myself taking photographs at an old cemetery. Cats were running are all over the place. At one point a cat came up behind me and jumped on a tombstone. Meow. I turned and took the photo.

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© 1999 Rich Kern


London Underground
photograph by Clayton Jackson

I saw the ad on the wall in the London Underground and thought that it would make a interesting shot. I took three photos real quick. The first she is standing straight up - the second frame she blurred from movement- the third just right. At the time I didn't know what to think. But when I developed the negs I was surprised at how the two mirror each other. The photo was taken two years ago in December. I like to get close to my subjects so I pretty much use a wide angle for lot of fun shots.

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© 1999 Clayton Jackson

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