Photo by Gary Auerbach

Having seen Tiffany at an Arapaho Native American banquet the night before, I asked her if I could photograph her the following morning. She agreed, and when she showed up the next morning the wind was blowing 35 mph. Unable to work outside and with no lights, I asked the hotel manager if I could use a room on the sun side of the hotel. Hanging a blanket off the bed as a background, pulling the silk curtains shut to slightly soften the light, I photographed Tiffany at 1/10 sec., f9 with my 8x10 camera and 450 nikor lens. I hand coated a platinum palladium emulsion on Cranes platinotype paper.

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© 1998 Gary Auerbach

Glory Lily, Florida
photograph by Oscar Gutierrez

This image was taken when I was visiting a relative in Florida. I noticed the flame like petals of the flower (Glory Lily) and started to take some pictures of it. I then noticed how the petals converged to a plane at the top of the flower. I was able to capture the abstract pattern that was formed by under exposing the image which made the background become black. Sometimes looking at an object from a different perspective can give it a totally different beauty that is often overlooked.

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© 1998 Oscar Gutierrez

Photograph by Douglass F Dresher

If there was in each of us a singular emotion, a face behind some mask - quiet and alone, even a moment where we are eminently vulnerable, I want to capture that on film.

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© 1998 Douglass F Dresher

Calla Lily
photograph by Jim Behan

This picture was taken last spring at Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania. Longwood Gardens is a place full of beautiful flowers, bushes and trees. I go there at least 3 times a year to catch all the seasons.

This Calla Lily was located in the Conservatory which is well lit and very photographically accessible. A large orchid room is also available there.

For this particular photo I used an Olympus IS3-DLX in Macro. I also only use Kodak E100S For the deep, true color rendition of the plants I photograph.

This picture made me realize that only a Supreme Being could produce such beauty. I thank Him every day for the chance to steal His work into my camera.

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© 1998 Jim Behan

Little Angel
photograph by Judy Eltzroth

The first time I saw a portrait like this I told myself "I must do it!" Besides my son, who is three, this was my first Angel, and oh what an Angel she turned out to be! This beautiful child has gotten me a lot of recognition. I am a new business owner in a small town and I needed all the exposure I could get (no pun intended). From the first moment I saw this little beauty I knew I had done something good. These are portraits no mother can resist!

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© 1998 Judy Eltzroth

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