Quai d'Orsay, Paris 1987
Photo by Yves Bérard

Ten years have already passed since I traveled France for my first time - I wish to go back sometime. As a tourist, you feel relaxed and time has not much effect on you. That's how I felt at this time.

More of Yves Bérard's photographs can be found at: http://www.generation.net/~yvesbe

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© 1998 Yves Bérard

Red Jugs, Mykonos, Greece, June, 1990
photograph by Joel Collins

I was staying in a small, family-run hotel on the Greek island of Mykonos. The hotel was on a hill high above the town, offering a spectacular view of the town and ocean below. After exposing many frames of the expansive scene, I was packing up my camera when I noticed these red jugs. I had walked past them many times, but had been distracted by the "easy" or "obvious" photograph of the view below. I shot almost a whole roll of the scenic overview, but took only one frame of these jugs. I now prefer this photograph to the many scenic overview photos. From this experience, I have learned that increased observation can lead to unexpected but highly enjoyable images

More of Joel's work can be found at: http://www.mindspring.com/~jwc3

Joel can be reached via e-mail at D jwc3@mindspring.com

© 1997 Joel Collins

Owl Head mountain, just outside Elizabethtown, NY. May, 1994
Photograph by Stephen M. Fogle

This photograph is the compilation of two 4X5 negatives originally printed together to form a single print. To me, the digital reproduction is not nearly as pleasing, but it's alot of fun putting it together just the same.

The view is from Owl Head mountain, just outside Elizabethtown, NY. On the valley floor, it was a warm springlike day but in the higher elevations of the Adirondacks there was still some snow falling as I climbed. To the right and just beyond the first hill can be seen Giant Mountain with its great slide cascading into the foot of Rocky Peak.

Negatives made with a Super Graphic, 210 f5.6 Rodenstock lens, Arista 125 film, and some creative finagalling to keep the whole setup (and me) from blowing off the top of the mountain

Stephen can be reached via e-mail at:

© 1998 Stephen M. Fogle

Baby On Board
photograph by Suzanne Pratley

Baby on Board was a photo that I took on my way to a lecture at uni. I was waiting at the lights to cross the road and a bus pulled up with this cute baby sticking its head out the window. I thought it was so cute that I could not resist the opportunity to snap it up. It was one of those moments that I was in the right place at the right time. It is my favourite photograph.

Suzanne Pratley can be reached via e-mail at

© 1998 Suzanne Pratley

The Ram
photograph by Randy Stamper

I took this picture while on vacation in Colorado. I think it is interesting. I like to take photos of various subjects. I have more pictures on my web site http://members.tripod.com/~STOMP_2/index.html. Some I think are good, some are not. See what you think. I am always adding on to this page and I will run out of room soon!

Randy can be reached via e-mail at

© 1998 Randy Stamper


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