Embracing Light
Pine Forest, Central Portugal Coast
photograph by Miguel Costa

One day I was walking in the woods, and stoped in fascination when I saw these wonderful rays of light embracing the pine trees, on a late winter afternoon. I didn't have my camera with me, so I was delighting myself, thinking, 'Just me and Mother Nature.' But I wanted to capture it on film, so I kept coming back to this spot almost every day for a year, waiting for it to happen again. Finally, last February the scene did happen again, just as I saw it the year before, just as I wanted it to be... perfect.

I used an f/16 1/2 second exposure, Velvia film and a 70-210mm set to its shortest focal length.

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© 1997 Miguel Costa


The Fort Pierre-Deadwood Trail
Western South Dakota
photograph by Greg Latza

The Fort Pierre-Deadwood Trail was a major route for freight, gold-seekers, and travellers to Deadwood and the Black Hills from the Missouri river in the late 1800's. Starting where the Missouri and Bad rivers converge in Fort Pierre, the 200-mile trail crosses some of the most rugged and beautiful terrain in the United States, and could be quite an obstacle for horse, oxen, stage and wagon.

Cowboy Galen Humble heads off to work the range near Ottumwa. The pasture he is riding in contains over 5,000 acres, and is just to the south of the trail.

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© 1997 Greg Latza

City Lights
Liverpool Street Station, London
photograph by Steve Bicknell

I live about 50 miles from London. Sometimes on a week-end, when I just can't sleep, my favourite time is to drive into London very early on a Sunday morning when dawn is just breaking and there are very few people about. This image is the lights outside one of the entrances to the Liverpool Street Station. The image has been created from two views put together making a new interesting building behind.

I think most of us still prefer black & white work, as it carries the message quicker. This picture since has become part of a collection on my calendar, called Strictly Business and is the image for August ... the dates run in perspective up the right hand light.

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© 1997 Steve Bicknell

Las Vegas, Nevada
photograph by T.K. Liechty

Over the last few years, Las Vegas has undergone a continuing renewal of itself. Its popularity has spawned an era of casino wars. All of the players try to come up with a new theme that will attract the vistor and his money. Many are merely in the realm of novelty, and some are truly different, but the Luxor is one of a couple that are really beautiful.

I wanted to get some pictures of this newly completed mega-resort, and when I got there the day was almost gone and the interesting side was facing east. I walked around trying to get a few good shots before the light was gone. I saw a glow coming from the side of the pyramid and illuminating the sphinx. The lens flare was added in Photoshop. For me, this picture captures the beauty that exists among the neon and garishness that comes to mind when someone says Las Vegas.

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© 1997 T. K. Liechty


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