Sailor Boy, Matsushima-kaigan
Restaurant Girl, Ninenzaka, Kyoto
Photos by Jon Morgan

These two photographs both come from my portfolio "The Alien Eye," a series of images taken during the time I lived in Japan. Although they form a perfect pair, they are in fact from different times and places. "Sailor Boy" looked out to sea from the front of a shop in Matsushima on the east coast of Honshu, while the apple of his eye stood blushing outside a restaurant in Kyoto. Breathtakingly kitsch to the outsider, many Japanese would simply utter an awestruck "kawaii!" (cute) to describe our two friends. I guess it depends where you're coming from...

To see more of Jon's photos, including "The Alien Eye" porfolio, visit his website:

© 1998 Jon Morgan

Great Sand Dune, Sahara Desert, Algeria
Photo by Dell Gonzales

While drilling an oil well in the Sahara Desert in southern Algeria, I came upon this shot at about 4:30 PM when the light was best. It is my favorite of many rolls of film shot there.

Dell can be reached via e-mail:

© 1999 Dell Gonzales

Spirit of Chorus Angelicus
photographs by Carol Lange

My name is Carol Lange and I live in Western Australia. In the case of "Spirit of Chorus Angelicus," slow time exposure and camera movement was used to get the "spirit" effect. This particular photograph has now been enlarged to 20x30 inches and block mounted and presented to Perth Modern School, the school to which this particular choir belongs. Perth Modern School has this week returned from a European Tour where they gained 1st place in the International Vienna Youth Festival.

Carol can be reached via email:

© 1999 Carol Lange

Photograph by Scott Supak

I was telling Jasmine, my daughter, about turtles off the coast of Maui being found with tumors that are the result of landfill seepage into the ocean, and how turtles eat cigarette butts and die. She was sad, and Spencer consoled her. This shot was taken at the Maui Ocean Center's turtle tank.

Scott can be reached via email:

© 1999 Scott Supak

White Rail Pass Railroad, Skagway Alaska
photograph by Justine Bradley-Vargas

I was in Skayway, Alaska riding on the White Rail Pass Railroad, which is an engineering marvel like the Panama Canal. The twists and turns on the tracks allowed me to take this picture through the window while the train was heading into a tunnel through the mountain. I love how the black & white makes this picture look like an old time picture. If you look very carefully, you can see the people sitting at the windows.

Jojo can be reached via e-mail:

© 1999 Justine Bradley-Vargas

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