Father and Son
Photo by Christina Smith

This is my two-year-old son and his daddy. This picture was taken in Oklahoma, on my parents' farm, December 26th 2000. We were out getting fire wood in a snow storm. They where walking ahead of me, and I saw a perfect picture moment. I love this picture. I hope that you all do, too.

David can be reached by e-mail at:

© 2000 Christina Smith

Chain of Rocks Bridge
Photo by Jane Linders

This shot was taken using an Olympus digital camera and was taken at the "Chain of Rocks Bridge," overlooking the mighty Mississippi River just north of St. Louis, Missouri. The Chain of Rocks bridge was part of the historical Route 66 highway and is unusual because about half way across the bridge there is a significant turn in the road. In January, one can see bald eagles hunting for fish from the bridge and during the summer months, bicyling across the bridge is a favorite pastime.

Jane can be reached via e-mail:

© 2000 Jane Linders

Katie and Natalie
photo by Waldemar Haak

My twin daughters Katie and Natalie playing in the main street of Castiglione della Pescaia in Tuscany. We spent our vacation there in September/October 2000. I realy like the interaction between the (not identical) twin sisters, that the picture reveals.

Waldemar can be reached via email:

© 2000 Waldemar Haak

Photograph by Constantine Gogot

I was working with my girlfriend on an assignment about the town where I live: Timisoara, Romania. This is one of the pictures I like most from my town. It was taken the spring of 2000.

Constantine can be reached via email:

To see more of Constantine's pictures, go to: http://www.photoworkshop.com/PhotoWorkshop/imggrid.phtml?mem_id=Constantin

© 2000 Constantine Gogot




photograph by Terry Ward

I traveled to Italy last October. I went alone to see how that would be. Freeing and lonely. I loved Venice. I would get lost every time I left my hotel room. My camera became my best friend. I would walk for hours and hours looking to see. Wonderful wandering. This was early evening. I was tired of the gondolas and found these familiar boats.

Terry can be reached via email:

© 2000 Terry Ward



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