Photo by Michelangelo Flores

Inspired by the work of darkroom-master Jerry Uelsmann, I strive to exercise his method of post-visualization whenever I see a new negative developed in my own darkroom, although I implement it with the aid of a computer. This digital composite combines three images: the model (photographed in a studio); the water (shot on a stormy day); and the sky (shot on a perfect day), to make an image that has a surreal quality, and that commands more interest (I hope) than the individual images alone..

Michaelangelo can be reached by e-mail at:

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© 2000 Michelangelo Flores

Nahel Huapi Park
Photo by Ricardo Rothfield

I'm a photography enthusiast and one of my dreams are to have my photos published and to work with this passion. I live in Brazil and love to travel around the world to take photos. This was taken in the Nahel Huapi Park, near Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina, and shows the type of photos that I love to take. Sorry about my bad English, but I've learned alone, just watching TV, reading magazines and listening to the radio. Many hugs to my fellow photographers.

Ricardo can be reached via e-mail:

© 2000 Ricardo Rothfield

A Door
photograph by Annunziata Mare

This is one of my favourite pictures. The title is simply 'A Door'. I shot this picture on a sunny winter day in London November 2000 with my Nikon 801s.

Annunziata can be reached via email:

© 2000 Annunziata Mare

Photograph by Arunabh Barua

This cat sits by the window all day long during the winter months waiting patiently for the snow to clear, and a chance to go outside and play. I thought the table lamp and the silhouette of the cat made for a nice composition.

Arunabh can be reached via email:

© 2000 Arunabh Barua



photograph by Tom Drost

In February 1999, I was on a documentary assignment in India. We were traveling through the country visiting orphanages and Catholic-funded hospitals. I was in a leper home when I came across this man, who had advanced stages of elephantitis as you can see by his right leg, but he still stood to greet me! More of these images can be seen at my web site www.tsdfoto and email is

Tom can be reached via email:

To see more of Michael's work, visit his website: www.tsdfoto

© 2000 Tom Drost


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