Child from Zanzibar
Photo by Giancarlo Pettinari

It was a very hot day, at about noon, in a small village in the northern coast of Zanzibar. After a time walking around and taking pictures of the fishing boats under construction next to the shore, we stopped in front of a local shop, nothing more than a simple hut, just to buy some fruits. Then I noticed the small figure in the right corner of the desk, about 4 years old, but studying me with those deep and serious eyes... She seemed to be asking herself if I deserved a smile.

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© 2001 Giancarlo Pettinari

Light of God
Photo by Ricardo Rothfeld

This photo was taken in the interior of the Milan Cathedral. I used a Vivitar V3000S camera and Fuji film 200 ASA. As the air inside the cathedral was dusty, the light made a composition with it, giving me this photo.

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© 2001 Ricardo Rothfeld

Photograph by Christine Smith

I took this picture while walking in La Jollier California.While I was walking I saw on the cliff's edge this little squirrel enjoying his lunch. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I had no idea that squirrels liked eating daisies. So I got my camera centered, and snapped this cute picture. Then continued on my way.

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© 2001 Christine Smith

Photograph by Lucette Virelle

I began photography, like many, in my bathroom, transforming it into a darkroom. First I just did B/W pictures. I finally got a real darkroom/laboratory. Then I dared to print colour with CIBACHROME with all the pleasure and all the headaches this technique supposes. I finally discovered the digital techniques. My photographic life became quite different. Of course, I go on making classical photographs, but with the possibility to improve them after I have put them on film. The principal for me is the chance to create new pictures in accordance with my love for surrealistic painting and graphics. Some people call that "photographism" or "infography". What about their name? For me all these pictures are coming from my own photos. Doing them gives me the greatest pleasure. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT... ENJOYMENT... Is it not? The picture am sending you is an association of two photographs treated with Photoshop. It represents for me the arrival of ovnis on earth!

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© 2001 Lucette Virelle


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