Photo by Paco Feria

Hi, take a look at my site (link bellow) I've got some documentary work from around the world there.

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© 2001 Paco Feria

Photo by Steve Heinold

This picture was taken in May 1975. Just a grab shot outside a drugstore in a local shopping mall. The drugstore had an ice cream counter. I've been asked if this shot was set up. Definitely not, I made two or three exposures before one of them spotted me and from then on they were all ham actors mugging for the camera. This one though, this was the best.

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© 2001 Steve Heinold

First Morning
photo by Bruce Hixon

For almost a month my wife and I watched this goose sit tirelessly upon her nest in the pond behind our home. Then one bright Friday morning she brought forth her goslings. Equipment: Minolta 600si, Tamron 200-400mm f5.6 zoom, Slik tripod, film: PhotoWorks 200. Camera on Program, settings unrecorded.

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© 2000 Bruce A. Hixon

Photograph by Clay Jackson

Here's a photo I took on Saturday. It's kinda creepy. It was taken with a Nikon D1 with a 16mm lens.

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© 2001 Clay Jackson




photograph by Anthony Jones

This photograph, which isn't typical of my work, was taken in rural England (Norfolk, which is north of London). My mother had recently moved to a very small town from a larger one. We went for a walk and my mother showed me all the town had to offer. We turned a corner from a motorway/highway into a country lane and saw this strange sight of a man walking his dog and duck along the track. I asked the man, a retired farmer, how this had come about, and he explained that the duck was his daughter's pet and had become friends with the dog. They couldn't bring themselves to kill and eat the bird and so kept it. Since the photograph was taken (in 1998) the dog has died and the man is suffering from cancer.

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© 1998 Anthony Jones


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