Photo by A. K. Mahala
Chhattisgarh, India

Clouds after the rainy season turn white from deep black showing old age of the monsoon.Heavy rain-bearing clouds become lighter and cling more to the sky than to the earth. Yet they cannot escape . They are caught in the "cloud street."

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© 2001 A.K. Mahala

Photo by Prashant Khapane

Woods are lovely, dark, & deep ...

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© 2001 Prashant Khapane

photo by Becky R. Kannapolis

I just bought my digital camera. I was at a nursing conference at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and happened to luck upon a great naturalist dude. He took two friends of mine and I out on the inlet waterway and we scouted friendly dolphins. This curious fella's name is Schooner. I have had many requests for reprints!

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© 2000 Becky R. Kannapolis

Eternal Love
Photograph by Stacia Johnson

My husband and I are professional free-lance photographers, and in our endless search for new and "old" scenes to photograph, we travel everywhere from old ghost towns to cemeteries, from California to Nepal, and beyond. This photograph captures the eternal love and devotion depicted by the embracing angels. Love that will not wither, even in death. We have many photos being published in the International Library of Photography volumes, and more of our photographs may be seen at our website:, as well showing at Artists by the Sea in Redondo Beach, California:

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© 2001 Stacia Johnson




photograph by Rainer Girndt

I took this photo during my stay in San Francisco in 1997 with the Nikon F90x.

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© 1997 Rainer Girndt


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