In Full Flight
Photo by Brian Connell

This is Khankhanya, in typical pose as she charges to greet me! I rescued her as a waterlogged 4-week old cub and brought her up. Rehabilitation was successful and she enjoys a self-sufficient and comfortable life in the reserve. When I find her she charges me with considerable speed and mock aggression, skidding to a halt as she reaches me and rearing up to put her front paws on my shoulders and scraping the skin off my cheek with her tongue!

Brian can be reached by e-mail at:

© 2001 Brian Connell

Ringvaart Mist
Photo by Peter de Haan

In the early morning when I was going to my work, I saw that misty landscape. I said to myself: "Life is calm and soft, but I look around and living is not easy for many people. But I enjoy this soft moment and I took this picture for everybody. For a better world.

Peter can be reached via e-mail:

© 2001 Peter de Haan

Carl and Chris
photograph by Larry O. Gay

This is a photograph of Carl with his son Chris. I photographed this image one day when they came over to visit my mother. The photo was taken in Besssemer, Alabama.

Larry can be reached via email:

© 2001 Larry O. Gay

Photo by Light

I recently hiked West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, in Sedona, Arizona, southwest U.S.A. Fall colors were the best in many years... and this is one of my favorite shots. This is a vertical panorama shot with an Olympus C2020Z digital camera and stitched with 'Panorama Factory, ver. 2.0'.

Light can be reached via email:

c 2001 Light



Little Girl Playing in a Fountain
Photo by Jorge Martínez Morales

This picture was shot in Chiapas, México. At the beginning I was attracted by the architecture of this fountain and I was trying to get the best shot. Suddenly, the girl appeared with her little rope and began playing with the water. She never knew I was there and that is why she kept playing without noticing my presence. I really like this picture, because most of the times we, as the photographers, disturb the environment, and in this case I did not.

Jorge can be reached via email:

© 2001 Jorge Martínez Morales

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