Phantom Train
Photo by Mark Polege

Of all the photos I have taken, this one is the most talked about and the one that shocks the most. Over a year ago outside Wahpeton, North Dakota a friend on mine and I were out shooting photos of the sunset when suddenly a train began to approach. We quickly hopped in the car and drove a little ways down the road to set-up before the train actually began to cross the road we were on. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do with the catch the tail end of the train yet still have a shot through to the other side of the tracks. After about 6 seconds later, this is the shot I ended up with, and now a copy of it hangs in the Rourke Gallery in Moorhead, Minnesota. The first photo I have ever sold. Equiptment: Minolta X-370,50mm,Fuji HQ 100

Mark can be reached by e-mail at:

© 2001 Mark Polege

Black Stone
Photo by Penny Moore

This photo is one of my favourites.

I live in Birmingham (England) and this was taken of the River Rea.

It is a very small river and only runs 15 miles from the edge of Worcestershire into the centre of Birmingham.

This is a river that flows through an industrial city yet at this point near its source it is small and shallow. My photo shows the river as it runs through Balaam's Wood a very small patch of old Oak woodland and it feels far more country than city.

I really enjoy the patterns in nature and I hope you all like this too.

Penny can be reached via e-mail:

© 2001 Penny Moore

photograph by Jane Linders

This image was shot using a canon EOS D30 , in macro mode. My daughter has a superball collection and left them laying all around when I noticed interesting shadows coming from them. I re-arranged the superballs and snapped this photo.

Jane can be reached via email:

© 2001 Jane Linders

Morning on Lake Powell
Photo by Tom Fant

This image of Lake Powell was taken just after sunrise. Several shots of this scene were taken and this image was the best.
Capturing photos like this makes it worth getting up early. The shot was taken in July, 2000 with a Nikon F100, 24mm lens, on a tripod, Agfa RSXII 50 slide film, and a circular polarizer.

Tom can be reached via email:

c 2001 Tom Fant



Photo by Shalom Boguslavsky

Russia has been experiencing many changes in the last dacade and some people find it difficult to adjust themselves to the new order. I stumbled accidently upon a group of demonstrators as they were marching across the red square carrying a sign saying 'Moscow worker's capital.' There were abaut 20 of them, most of them old and they were proud and very suspicious. I managed to get close to this old lady and maneuver her to stand with the Kremlin tower and the "Vasily Ablojenoe" church at the background. Camera: Canon EOS-1N. Lens: Vivitar 19-35. Film: Fuji Velvia.

Shalom can be reached via email:

© 2001 Shalom Boguslavsky

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