We at Sight have received messages from all over the world, from people like you, who are passionate about photography. Photographs speak in a universal language; no translation is needed to communicate through images the terror of war, or the love between mother and child. Most of us, no matter what our level of involvement with photography, have a few pictures stuck away in a shoe box or an album that are special to us and speak in that universal language. I got things started by sharing one of my photographs. I hope you will submit a photograph, too.

Keith Mays, Sight partner

If you would like to submit a photo for Time & Place, please note the following format and attach your file to an email to us. Format: if you are proficient with an image editing program, please size your photo with a width or height of 350 pixels at 72 dpi, then save it as a JPEG at high quality. (As long as the file isn't too big, all the previous doesn't matter, it just saves time on this end). Note that the most enjoyable submissions combine a good photo with a paragraph or so of text that gives insight into how the picture happened. If you are ready to go, or would just like to talk with us more about Time & Place before submitting, please

Photo by Tammy Pettay

This is my favorite picture of my son. I think it really captures how much he loves bath time. My camera is always handy to capture those unexpected moments.

Tammy can be reached by e-mail at:

© 2002 Tammy Pettay

A Key West Sunrise
Photo by Weaver

This shot was taken in Key West. Not only are the sunsets beautiful but so are the sunrises. When you are on an island, with the surrounding water, your lens perspective is more dramatic. I couldn't believe how rich the colors were.

Weaver can be reached via e-mail:

© 2002 Weaver

Long Distance Phone Call
photograph by Yonba

This photo took place in Nazeret, out side the church.

Yonba can be reached via email:

© 2002 Yonba

Fall's Essence
Photo by Thomas Rotkiewicz

This is a composite of four separate images. The Canon D30 is a nice camera but it records images somewhat like contrasty slide film. I knew I would have to do multiple exposures in order to get the highlight and shadow detail I wanted, so I set up the tripod and this is the result of my effort. I've been building a collection of my favorite images during the past several years but this is the first one I ever had framed.

Thomas can be reached via email:

c 2002 Thomas Rotkiewicz


Fisherman's Daughter
Photo by Andre Barnard

I took this photo early morning at Hawston, South Africa. Hawston is a very small fishing village. The people here are the salt of the earth. This little girl went with Dad to see what the catch of the day would bring!

Andre can be reached via email:

© 2002 Andre Barnard

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