Traveling and photography are often synonymous for me. Both involve a kind of wandering around to see what's there.

One of my first trips was when I was 7 or 8 years old. Grandpa and I headed out on our bicycles down Highway 54 in Kiowa County, Kansas. Our destination was Greensburg, the county seat and home of the world's largest hand-dug well. That night we camped at a roadside park at the edge of town sleeping on scratchy, wool blankets. Grandpa loved to talk so we stayed up late chatting with other travelers. The next morning we fried eggs over a wood fire before riding the ten miles back home.

The thing I learned on that trip was that it had changed me. I wasn't sure how, but I knew I was different. This simple fact continues to motivate me to travel to new places. No matter where I am going, I know it will change me in a positive way. The photography has evolved into a natural extension of traveling. The recording on film, is for me, part of the natural process of seeing.

The photographs shown here were produced over the last 10-12 years. Some were produced as magazine assignments and others were part of independent travel.

My technique has changed subtly during this time. The earlier scenes were shot with SLR 35mm cameras on Kodachrome film with tendency for medium telephoto lenses. I have gravitated toward wider lenses and range finder cameras in recent years and prefer some of the more saturated transparency films.


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Keith has been working as a corporate/editorial location photographer for the last 17 years. One of his first free lance assignments was photographing a two-month rafting expedition in Ethiopia for National Geographic. Since that time his list of credits has grown to include the following publications: American Demographics, Byte Magazine, Christianity Today, Data Communications, Family Circle, Forbes, Fortune, Good Housekeeping, Information Weekly, Kansas Travel Guide, Midwest Living, Money,, Mutual Funds Magazine, New Choices Magazine, New York Times Magazine, People, Redbook, Restaurant and Business Magazine, Sales and Management Magazine, Scholastic Magazine, Time, Today's Christian Woman, Travel & Leisure, Woman's Day, Your Company Magazine.

Additionally, Keith produces photographs for use in annual reports, marketing brochures and advertising with special emphasis on environmental portraits. Some of his Kansas City clients include: Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Kansas City Life Insurance, The Kauffman Foundation and LabONE, Inc.

Keith's stock images are marketed world-wide through the London-based agency, Pictor.

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