Landscape photographer Joel B. McEachern has never seen a glade, grove or cypress swamp he didn't like. Fifteen season's ago, he began recording the mangrove forests of the Great Everglades and today works the ancient shorelines of Florida's northern interior.

McEachern's dedicated, unmanipulated use of first light in his compositions of the Florida landscape has created an immediately recognizable signature. It has also earned him critical notice and a growing popular following. His images have appeared in magazines and newspapers as well as nationally juried shows and collections.

Prominent among them are the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Armory Art Center, Boca Raton Museum of Art, National Park Service, The Miami Herald, Camera & Darkroom, Water's Edge, Bird Watcher's Digest, Environmental Action and Wilderness magazines. His work also appears online at: (keyword search: mceachern).

Currently, Joel is completing work on 'Florida First Light,' his first book project. In his own words, the third-generation native describes the work as "a voice for a wilderness that has been exploited since Columbus--for its people, wood, water and natural qualities, yet has never been recognized for its quiet strengths, its beauty or grace."


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