"I believe the mind set of the twentieth century is moving rapidly away from sensitivity to the natural, subtle forms of life and becoming grossly dependent on intense, artificial stimulation. In my photographic work, I invite people to remember the importance of not only preserving the natural environment, but to also recall the physiological, psychological, and spiritual connection human beings have with all other forms of life; including this living Earth.

As a photographer, I feel one of my responsibilities is to use my craft to preserve and help awaken in others that which is most exalted about life. Through my camera’s lens, I record scenes that are rapidly disappearing from the American landscape.

As technology accelerates in our society, it seems that we are experiencing a deep sense of isolation from our roots in the natural world and within ourselves. In our continuing search for more comprehensive paradigms and workable value systems, we are turning to the forgotten wisdom of ancient people. Much of this wisdom was gleaned from the natural world. I have spent many years living in cultures that are still guided by this ancient wisdom, and, my photographic "eye" has been profoundly influenced by this experience.

I often photograph images from the perspective of a child to reawaken the simplicity and wonder of those precious years, crushed by the results of our society’s material addictions. On my knees in the lush world of nature, I rediscover a childlike sense of awe and wonder which are key elements that lay the foundation for my life’s purpose and spiritual well being. Thus, intimacy with nature is accompanied by a healthy respect for the beauty and preservation of life, which I portray in my work."


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