Note: the following "Journal" section was written in 1996. I've left it here, because I think it provides an interesting reminder of how young the web is and how far we've come in a few years.

Welcome to my journal. This journal is a place for me to put down my thoughts about some of the issues concerning the running of Sight. Because I am the editor, designer, marketer and HTML programmer for Sight, it is sometimes difficult to keep my big picture goals in mind. I get caught up in the everyday tasks of finding new and interesting photography and putting it up on Sight.

So, this journal is more for my benefit than for anyone else's. It will be presented in the form of open-ended topic threads, which I will add to as the need strikes me. It is perhaps untraditional for the editor of a publication to even admit his concerns about the publication's success, much less air them publicly. However, this is a new medium, which begs experimentation. If any of these issues strikes a chord, I welcome your thoughts. If I had it all figured out, then I wouldn't have to work through everything in this way, would I?

--Keith Mays

Sight Journal Topics

A Short History of Sight
Evolving into a Magazine
Browsers and Other Woes
Crunching the Numbers
Building a Community
Notes from Digital '96
A Moment in Time
What is Sight, Anyway?