Linda Hand is the owner of Passaparola, a photography and design agency based in Salento, Italy. An American, she is a former international model turned photographer who has settled in this quaint southern Italian city.

To create images, she collaborates with Antonio Errico, the two taking turns being photographer and assistant, producing advertising and fashion photos, as well as still lives and portraits.

"Having many years experience in front of the camera, I feel I have the ability to create the image I'm wanting," she says.

Because of the perspective her former profession offered, "I am self taught, (having had) the great opportunity to watch famous photographers from whom I have learned the trade."

In her work Linda has taken full advantage of the environment around her. Conditions are in many ways ideal in Salento and surrounding cities for a photographer: the warm weather permits outdoor shooting almost year-round, and the historic architecture and locations adds a richness to her photographs.

Her lifestyle, too, has become entwined with her adopted culture: "My goal is to live comfortable and enjoy my family, friends and work," she says.

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