Welcome to Sight, the online magazine for some of the world's finest photography.

With Sight, we strive to give exposure to photographers of all levels. We emphasize content and the creative process over the nuts-and-bolts of technique.

Sight is constantly evolving with new photographers and new content, so check back often! We are always interested in your feedback about Sight. Please send us e-mail at:

Sight is administrated by Nancy and Keith Mays. Nancy and Keith met while working as Features Editor and Photographer/Designer at the Topeka Capital-Journal. Since then, they have collaborated on projects as diverse as a six-month study of life in a small farming community to a story on Santeria ceremonies involving animal sacrifice in Venezuela. Currently, Nancy is a freelance writer and Keith is a web specialist for a philanthropic foundation.

Submitting photography

We are always interested in looking at great photography. Because of time constraints (okay, we have four kids 14 years old and under) we have a very subjective standard for who we will work with. At this time, Sight is more or less an expensive hobby and so we cannot pay for submissions.

Before submitting, please acquaint yourself with the various areas of Sight, so you will have a good idea of where your work might best fit.

We only take digital submissions, either as email attachments, or a physically mailed disc.

If you are interested in submitting a portfolio or other work for review, please contact us at:

Honor roll

Way back when the Web was young and a site devoted to photography was unique, we got a fair amount of attention. This will give you an idea of how long we've been at this:

Access, an internet magazine distributed with newspapers nationwide, gave Sight a four-star rating and had this to say: "This online magazine houses one of the most impressive photography collections on the Web."

On January 26, 1997, Glenn Davis' Project Cool named Sight "Today's Sighting." (Glenn Davis was the originator of the "cool site of the day" concept.)

Sight received a "net rave" in the January, 1997 issue of The Net magazine. To excerpt the review: "the overall quality of the work on view ... is excellent and occasionally breathtaking."

Sight was named one of USA Today's Hot Sites of the Day on Dec. 19, 1996, with a review that said: "Makes it clear why graphics is such a great thing about the Web."

Sight received a "four star" rating from the by Magellan Internet Guide.Among other things, the review said: "Professional and amateur photographers alike will find much of interest at Sight... Extreme care has been taken in the design and organization of this site... Whatever your relationship to photography, Sight is a site not to be missed."

Sight has been rated among the top 5% of all sites on the Internet by Point Survey.

Sight was also named one of the "Best 1001 Internet Sites" by the editors of PC Computing magazine in the December, 1995 issue.

Information about copyright

The photographs and text on Sight are copyrighted © by the photographers and writers who produced them, and are intended for your enjoyment while on Sight. The photographs are not freeware and should not be downloaded without prior permission from the photographers who produced them. Thank you for respecting U.S. and international copyright laws.