Ken Light is a highly-acclaimed social documentary photographer whose work has appeared in books, magazines and exhibitions. He is the author of TO THE PROMISED LAND, WITH THESE HANDS, IN THE FIELDS and DELTA TIME.

Light's most recent book is TEXAS DEATH ROW, the result of three weeks Light spent in 1994 recording life among almost 400 condemned prisoners. Light still is not sure why he and writer Suzanne Donovan were given unprecedented access to Death Row, but he was determined to take advantage of the opportunity. He wanted to show that the men behind the brutal crimes and sensational headlines were human beings, not that different from the rest of us.

DELTA TIME is a photographic journey through the poorest communities of the Mississippi delta. As the photographs reveal, there are certain consistencies in this work; the vistas and the business of cotton, framing every stage of life; the crumbling shacks that serve as homes; the faces of individuals who have faith and determination or resignation, and the community of people that we call the DELTA.  

  For the determined Mexican migrant worker the dangerous journey to the Promised Land is inevitable. Stretching over 1,400 miles, the Mexican-American border separates the bleak reality of an improverished economy from the chance for success in the land of plenty. Physically, the border is reinforced with fences and the Border patrol, or "la migra." TO THE PROMISED LAND is an intimate look at both sides of an issue that has enormous ramifications both for the United States and Mexico.
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