The Wilson Family, Warren County, North Carolina

Warren County is home to the highest poverty level in North Carolina. Twenty-eight percent of the population lives below the poverty level. Many of these families not only live in impovershed conditions, but lack many everyday necessities like indoor plumbing and running water. Warren County welfare institutions only provide minimal help.

The Wilson family is a close-knit group of 15 family members living together in a small, shanty house at the end of a dirt road off Route 17 in North Carolina. The family members range in age from mid-fifties to six- months-old. For them, each day is not a part of a bigger whole, but simply another day gone by. Their situation is static, with little worry of more despair or hopes of breaking the cycle. Through their hardships, the Wilson family shows a wealth of dignity that exists in both their moments of solitude or as they bond together as a family.

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