>Laura Kleinhenz is a freelance photojournalist living in San Francisco. In 1995, Laura received several honors including: second place College Photographer of the Year, Southern Short Course Student Photographer of the Year and first place in the national Picture Story category of the Hearst Photojournalism Competition.

 Warren County is home to the highest poverty level in North Carolina.
Twenty- eight percent of their population lives below the poverty level.
Many of these families not only live in impovershed conditions, but lack
many everyday necessities like indoor plumbing and running water. Warren
County welfare institutions only provide minimal help.

 Lasker is a sleepy little town in North Carolina. Years
ago Calvin Daugherty gathered on a Friday nights with a few friends in
his backyard barn to harmonize, play the fiddle and have some homespun
fun. As word traveled the numbers grew. The Daugherty barn, now labled
the Lasker Grand Ole Opry, is home to over a hundred country music fans, 
mostly retired. 

 I met Henry Bragg on Christmas Eve. He was dressed in a Santa suit with a walker
in hand, ready to share his Christmas spirit for the last time. Although
Henry had been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer for almost a year,
he had continued to live life to the fullest. But after his final outing on Christmas Eve, 
Henry's fighting spirit began to give into the cancer.

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